Mosaic Art – Lion Scene (Mostaix)

This Mostaix Mosaic Art kit allows children to create a lion scene mosaic style picture. Using small coloured plastic tiles of different shapes, the tiles snap in to the grid and stay in place without the need to glue or iron them on. Includes hanger to display on a wall. As part of the Orange Ribbon series, this kit produces a cute picture scene with medium detail.

Complete with a true-to-size pattern as a guide to create the picture. The tiles and grid can be removed and reused again and again enabling children to create pictures from their own imagination.

The Orange Ribbon Series includes:

  • 1,584 coloured snap-in tiles (36 strips)
  • 20.9cm x 27.6cm grid with hanger (2cm H)
  • Mostaix Removal Tweezers
  • Mostaix Safety Tile Divider

Recommended Age: 6+

Grid Size: 20.9cm (W) x 27.6cm (L)

Product Code: M8005